Privacy Policy

Welcome to our purchase policy page! Here, you will learn about the purchase rules our services. Before proceeding to the final process of buying our services, read these policies to avoid inconveniences.

About our Services

We offer the best social media marketing services at very reasonable prices. When you buy these services from us, you can market your products or services on social media platforms through various marketing campaigns.

Before proceeding towards the order-placing process, ensure you have read all the instructions and the requirements, including our refunding policy.

Moreover, we don’t offer any extra services other than those mentioned on the order page for the specific cost. We also have a refund policy for any inconveniences from our site; you can read the refund policy.

Fulfillment of the Orders

Although, we always try our best to offer you the exact services you have provided in the specific time frame. However, remember that there may be changes in the time frame, number of campaigns, etc. This is due to several circumstances due to the updates on different social media platforms. Besides that, we always make our customers satisfied with our services.

Delivery Estimate

The delivery estimate for the Islikes purchasing policy is subject to various factors, preventing us from providing a definitive timeframe. Unlike some service providers, we avoid making guarantees, recognizing the intricate variables influencing the results.

Statements or endorsements regarding delivery times should be perceived as informative rather than absolute assurances. Factors such as content submission, timing, and numerous other elements contribute to the diversity of outcomes. We encourage customers to reach out for more information and guidance before making a purchase, as we value open communication and aim to assist in optimizing your experience.

Refunds Policy

There are refunds and refund policies, as your satisfaction is our top priority. We only offer refunds if there are some inconveniences from our side or a mistake on our end. Moreover, the refunds are only available if your placed order has yet to be delivered or your campaign has not started. Upon this, we offer 100% refunds, and you will provide the same amount you spent while making an order. Please read our refund policy for more information about it.

Campaign Termination

If you have made any changes in the campaign on different social media platforms that are restricted from our side, we have the 100% right to delete your campaign and any refunds. So don’t ever try to change a campaign.

Moreover, you have changed the campaign audience ve performed any other irregular activities that were not allowed within the specific time frame. In that case, we are not responsible for the results.

Currency and Exchange Rates Policy

All of the orders on our services are made in USD currency. I suppose you are unable to make an order in this currency. In that case, we will accept your local currency according to the international rates of USD change into your local currency. There, we recommend you to know the specific currency exchange rate.